Greenwich Park Restoration, London

  • Greenwich Park Restoration, London

The park boasts nearly 600 years of royal history and is the host of the meridian line the Royal Observatory. It is a Grade I Listed landscape and sits at the heart of the Maritime World Heritage Site. In 1660 Charles II commissioned Le Notre to design a formal park, set along dramatic axial lines, to emphasise the pomp and power of the regent. Much of that design still remains.

The Royal Parks commissioned a challenging brief for the restoration of this iconic landscape, whilst enhancing the visitor experience and reinforcing the park as a local community facility.

Matthew Wigan Associates were appointed as part of the strong team of collaborators to submit an application for the Heritage Landscape Fund. The application was successful and the £7.5m restoration scheme continues.

Greenwich Park Restoration, London

The Saxon Burial Ground is traversed by a popular route from Conduit Avenue towards the Blackheath Avenue. Most users are unaware of the historic importance of the mounds. We proposed options to re-route the tarmac footpath to minimize damage, improve acid grassland, and promote the understanding of burial mounds by visitors.