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Private Garden, Cotswolds

Sector: Private Estates and Gardens

Location: Cirencester

Client: Private

Status: Completed

This new private garden was designed to provide outdoor family and entertaining space, responding to contemporary additions to the former Victorian rectory, with an extension to the main house, a new guest block courtyard, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor swimming pool.

Generous spaces for socialising and relaxation near the main house are paved in in UK-sourced limestone. Bespoke stone water features flow into open rills, which cross the terrace and pass through the garden, before terminating in a central water basin feature. Deep, richly planted borders help to subdivide the garden and frame the symmetrical main lawn. Ornamental grasses provide long lasting structure, ensuring the garden remains attractive through the winter months. 

Set back into the planting, a bespoke natural stone fire pit provides a comfortable seating area. 

Traditional Cotswold stone walls provide enclosure and privacy to the pool terrace, creating a sheltered south facing microclimate. Multi-stem trees have been planted to contribute shade beneath their spreading canopies.

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